Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Castlevania Dracula X

The next game that I'm gonna showcase from my collection is Dracula X. There is a lot of negative hype about this game and for good reason. Compared to SC4 it stinks. If u are a Castlevania freak like me, you'll want this in your collection. RarityGuide.com has it listed as the 7th rarest SNES game. This version was only released in NA and only for a short period. Because it was the last Castlevania on SNES and all the bad press, it didn't sell very well. I have even heard that there were limited numbers of this game released here and that is wasn't gonna get released ? However, the fans of the series and Super Nintendo collectors keep this game hard to find. Currently it's going on eBay for $175-230 Loose. If u are a fan or serious SNES collector, I would suggest adding this to your collection.