Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Super Mario All Stars/Super Mario World Combo SNES 9.0

I had never played this game :( The last time I had played Mario 1 2 3 was on NES. We have only played a little way through Mario 1 and they added a lot of stuff to the game. It's Mario 1 2 3 on steroids ! We are on to part 2 and IGN does not rate this as high as part 1 & 3. After getting through a few levels, it all started coming back to me. Flying across levels with the Princess. All the bright colors and carpet riding. This game is so fun. We will have to come back and beat it with someone other than the Princess. Another top 10 for me ! I'm Sooo glad they made this ! This is such a good way to keep the old Mario game alive ! I couldn't rate this any higher, Since these are just remade Mario's from NES. I also will
Review/Rate Mario world separate.

Replay Value/Game Length:9